Our smart pole project in Xiamen Fujian China

A smart pole, also known as an intelligent pole or smart streetlight, is a streetlight equipped with various sensors, communication systems, and other technologies to enable a range of smart city applications. These smart poles serve as a backbone for data collection and communication in urban areas.very important carrier of the smart city


Here are some features and functionalities commonly found in smart poles:
Lighting control: Smart poles often have adaptive lighting systems that can automatically adjust the brightness based on real-time conditions, such as traffic patterns or daylight levels. This helps save energy and improve safety.

Environmental monitoring:Smart poles can be equipped with sensors to monitor air quality, temperature, humidity, noise levels, and even detect weather conditions. This information can be used for environmental management and urban planning.
Surveillance and security: Many smart poles are integrated with video surveillance cameras, which can assist with traffic monitoring, crime prevention, and emergency response. These cameras can be linked to intelligent video analytic for advanced monitoring capabilities, such as license plate recognition or object detection.
Connectivity and communication: Smart poles often provide Wi-Fi connectivity, enabling people to access the internet and connect to smart city services while on the go. They may also have built-in small cell or 5G infrastructure to improve network coverage and capacity.
Public information and services: Smart poles can incorporate digital displays or touchscreens to provide real-time information, such as traffic updates, public transport schedules, or emergency alerts. They can also serve as charging stations for electric vehicles or provide access to other smart city services, like way finding or parking guidance.Infrastructure monitoring: Some smart poles are equipped with sensors to monitor the structural health of bridges, tunnels, or other critical infrastructure. This helps in early detection of issues and ensures timely maintenance or repairs.Smart poles contribute to making cities more efficient, sustainable, and livable. By integrating various technologies and providing data connectivity, they enable a wide range of applications, from improved lighting and energy management to enhanced surveillance and public services.


Post time: Nov-01-2023